A digital strategy, or web strategy, can be summed up in one simple sentence:

"A defined, long term plan that enables businesses to generate awareness, leads, and sales using online strategies."

Why is a digital strategy important?

The key words in the above sentence are 'strategies' and 'plan'. Too many businesses jump into developing their website without a strategy and plan in place.

Did you start your business without a plan? Do you target sales and business growth ideas without strategy?

You must shift your mindset - your digital strategy can be the most effective sales tool you invest in.

And a good digital strategy enables this kind of solution.

You should think of your website, and digital strategy, as a salesperson that works 24/7, generating awareness, leads and sales from anywhere in the world.

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Why an iformat digital strategy?

To succeed in an online space and engage with your customers, you have to look at and analyse many different factors. Some of the questions we ask include:

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What are your goals and how can your online presence help achieve them?

Target Market

Who are they? How do you find them? How do you attract them? And what do you to say to convert them?

Search Engines

What are your target market searching for online?


What should you say to people on social media? What social platforms are right for your business? What do your customers want to hear?


What is the best structure for you to sell your product? What is the best way to structure content so your client can find what they want?


What style best suits you? What style best suits your customers?


What is the best platform for my website? What solution suits my needs? What is the most cost-effective option for me?


What is it you should say to your customers? What do they want to here? What does Google want you to provide to them?

If you're serious about succeeding online, then you need to know the answers to these questions.

When you do, you can create a uniquely defined plan that fulfills your business goals through all of your online marketing activities - from your website through to social media and online marketing.

iformat's unique 10 Point Digital Strategy is designed to deliver results for your business; it's no cookie cutter solution.

Its purpose is to create a clear plan and helps to express the purpose of your product, the audience you want to influence, and what you want to tell them. Our 10 Point Digital Strategy covers all bases through clever assessment, structure, design, content creation, and ongoing online marketing.


We are a Melbourne-based SEO agency
that guarantees to generate awareness, leads, and sales for your business


iformat is a Melbourne-based SEO agency helping your business generate more awareness, leads and sales. We'll deliver real results and a tangible ROI - guaranteed.

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