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It doesn't always pay to choose the quick and cheap route. Think about your car or mattress - would you skimp on something that important; something you'd hope would last you for years?

Of course not! So when it comes to your business, why should your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) be any different?

SEO and content marketing are some of your most powerful tools in not only driving people to your website, but in attracting and converting the right types of customers.

A prime, high-visible spot in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) has a direct influence in the amount of traffic, page views, calls, and leads your website receives. And how best to improve your rankings? With SEO, of course!

Melbourne caterer
  • 172 phrases in Position 1 on Google
  • 3 months for ROI
  • MEDIUM-HIGH competition

Cheap SEO

With the explosion in digital technology over the last couple of years, digital marketing and SEO have gone from niche industries to a vital part of any business’ marketing mix.

While this is great news for digital marketing agencies, it also means that there’s been a glut of new digital marketing gurus and self-proclaimed experts.

The bad news: cheap SEO often trumps people’s desire to find valuable SEO.

A valuable SEO strategy begins with in-depth analysis

The most important thing which separates good SEO agencies from the cheap ones is a long-term strategy and vision.

SEO isn’t an end in itself - the best agencies understand that while SEO can be a powerful tool for improving your business, in the end it’s just a means to an end.

Instead of just talking about rankings, the best agencies work with you to understand what those ends are for you - whether that be more leads, more qualified leads, bigger jobs, or more phone calls.

We’ll help you build a strategic vision to help you understand how your SEO can help push you towards your long-term goals, as well as tactical plans for how to execute that strategy.

Like we said before, a great SEO strategy takes time. (If you want instant results, might we suggest Google Adwords?)

And it’s through our critical SEO analysis stage that we take a look at the exact keywords people are using to find your types of products and services….

Keyword analysis: high, medium, and low competition

These keywords are usually segmented into three groups: high, medium, and low competition.

Which group we tackle depends entirely on each client - a client with a relatively good (albeit outdated) site would likely already have some credibility with Google, so it might be viable to start targeting medium competition keywords.

For a new business that has no current website or online presence, however, we would start with low competition keywords and dominate those before moving to the more competitive ones.

You just don’t receive this type of strategic analysis and long-term planning when you go with the lowest bidder!

SEO is built on a clear understanding

The other thing which distinguishes a good SEO agencies is an in-depth understanding of your digital marketplace.

That includes:

  • You and your business
  • The products and services it offers
  • Your competition
  • The types of clients you want
  • Importantly, the types of clients you don’t want

That’s a rather extensive list: cheap SEO agencies wouldn’t even begin to scratch the surface!

At iformat, we:

  • Analyse your business’ current situation
  • Investigate your online competition
  • Understand your current online activities and performance
  • Work towards your goals, objectives, targets and expectations
  • Decipher your target markets and buying personas
  • Uncover what your current customers are searching for online
  • Identify current sources of traffic (social, organic, paid, direct, referrals)

A clear understanding of all these variables is key to forming an SEO strategy. And without an SEO strategy,
you can’t really say you’re getting the most out of your SEO.

Cheap SEO = meaningless rankings

Sure, you can rank #1 for a particular keyword, but if that keyword is only being searched 10 times a month and fails to deliver you quality leads, is there really a merit to ranking for it?

A poor SEO agency will show you vanity metrics - empty rankings that do little to draw in the types of clients you want to work with or the types of customers that will buy your products.

Your online content needs to be tailored to meet your business’ long-term SEO strategy.

Executing an SEO strategy is all about high-quality content

We’ve talked about so-called “black-hat” SEO techniques before, including keyword stuffing, invisible text, and buying links.

It goes without saying that any agency that offers these strategies to boost your ranking should be an automatic NOPE from you.

So how do you effectively boost your rankings?

Powerful Search Engine Optimisation is built on a consistent flow of unique, high-quality web content.

And that doesn’t just happen overnight! Building your ranking with great content takes time - and we aren’t afraid to say that.

Because with every blog post or new piece of content you add to your site, you are:

  • Creating yet another page for Google to index
  • Presenting another opportunity for your ideal customers to find you
  • Adding longevity to a solid, long-term, sustainable SEO strategy

Another thing we see all too often is a business who already has a decent website with reasonable content handing their blog writing over to a cheap SEO agency that pumps out low-quality content simply for the sake of fulfilling their monthly writing quota (the metaphor “Hamster on a Wheel” comes to mind here…)

Melbourne locksmith
  • 29 phrases in Position 1 on Google
  • 6 months for ROI
  • HIGH competition

Choosing the right SEO agency in Melbourne

When you hire a new employee, you want to think long-term:

  • You hope you’ve just found a great employee who will stick with you for the long-term
  • You hope that their skills will develop and grow as your business does, too

This process doesn’t just happen overnight - it can take hours of careful thinking to make the right decision, especially if there are strong contenders. But in the end, choosing the right one pays off!

Would you rather choose a less-qualified candidate purely based on the fact that you could pay them less? (Even though you will end up spending double the time training and monitoring them?)

This is an analogy we like to use to help illustrate the importance of carefully selecting the right SEO agency. Your approach towards SEO requires a similar view towards selection.

Will your SEO agency help you create a viable and strong long-term strategy? Or will it all fall apart once the pin is pulled?

Would you rather skill, experience, proven results, and sustainability… or the lowest price?

When selecting an SEO agency in Melbourne, consider the following:

  • Do their previous clients have good things to say about their results?
  • Is their SEO strategy for you actionable and fit where you want your business to go?
  • Let them do the talking - do they speak with passion and knowledge?

Are you unsure whether your agency is getting the results you want out of your organic marketing strategy? Your website might be sitting on a goldmine! But nothing will change until you choose an SEO agency who can uncover the gems that will propel your business to success.

iformat’s tailored SEO strategy delivers guaranteed results

You’ve worked hard to get your business where it is today, and we respect that.

Your business deserves the best - and as such, that means steering clear of those cheap SEO companies.

We get it: we know you’re apprehensive about putting your hard-earned money into something unless you’re certain it’ll pay off for you.

That’s why we have a guarantee: if we’re not bringing in enough new business to cover our monthly fee, we’ll work for free* until we do!

Find out more about the great results we’ve achieved for some of our current clients, including:

If you’re curious how our strategies can help your business or have any questions you’d like answered, just ask! Give us a call on 1300 88 64 50 or request a call and we’ll get back to you!


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iformat is a Melbourne-based SEO agency helping your business generate more awareness, leads and sales. We'll deliver real results and a tangible ROI - guaranteed.

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