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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique used to ensure your website is found when someone searches for specific phrases on search engines like Google.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that is constantly evolving.

Why is it important?

SEO is the pillar of inbound marketing.

It will increase traffic. It will improve visibility.

It will deliver better quality leads, enquiries, and calls.

And it will generate sustainable, long-term results.

Why iformat?

Because we don't just do SEO.

Instead, we implement a variety of malleable, ongoing strategies to ensure your website becomes your business' best sales tool.

Best of all, we guarantee our results.

What is SEO?

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy geared towards ensuring your prospective customers are directed to your website when they search for related products and services on the web.

Sounds relatively simple, right?

Nope: it's actually very complex to do SEO the right way.

Our SEO agency gets it done the right way!

There are many questions that need to be answered before choosing what to optimise for.

For some, that decision is based on 'search volume' - naturally, you'd like to rank for keywords that have a decent number of monthly searches.

But there are so many other factors that are just as important to consider:

What phrases are people actually
searching for?

What you think people are searching for vs. what they are actually searching for may not be the same.

How competitive is the online marketplace for those phrases?

Higher competition keywords means there are more businesses fighting for that top spot. We may look at starting with Medium-Low competition keywords if you are a new business.

Does your website currently stand a chance of ranking for those phrases?

How much credibility does your current website have in Google's 'eyes'? This helps us determine which keywords are most appropriate to target.

How much work would it take to get you to rank for those phrases?

And are your expectations for results realistic? Naturally, you will take longer to rank for higher competition keywords over Low-Medium keywords.

Should we choose other phrases that are more specific?

Niche searches can often be dominated, resulting in more driven and qualified leads coming to your site in a shorter amount of time.

Are there phrases that are more relevant for your business?

We uncover thousands of search phrases in our keyword research - many of which might surprise you.

Should we choose more geographically specific phrases?

If you offer products or services locally, we will also look at suburb-related searches.

Find out more about getting SEO done right and the pitfalls of cheap SEO here

Here's an example...

Let's say you are an accountant who needs a brand-new website for your brand-new business.

You might be enraptured by a phrase like "Accountant Melbourne" - after all, it could have thousands of searches per month!

However beyond keyword search volume, you must also approach your SEO strategy from a more calculated and realistic point of view.

At iformat, we will evaluate your current situation and advise based on that, as well as what people are actually searching for.

  • Trying to rank for highly competitive terms or phrases like "Accountant Melbourne" may be unrealistic for you in the short term. It's just not something you can rank for in a snap
  • To get there, you will need to invest in a long-term, calculated SEO strategy
  • Short-term, we may suggest that you go for lower-competition phrases or more niche terms that are specifically suited to your business and it's local area
After all, five leads from a niche phrase that is only searched 20 times per month is better than zero leads from a competitive phrase searched 1000 times per month!
(And if you need to jump the queue and get visits straight away – we may suggest using Google Adwords to appear on page one.)

What should we optimise for?

Knowing what to optimise for is not just a case of creating a list of words you're hoping to rank for and then crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

To determine the most appropriate keywords, we need to first understand your business.

Often when we're working with a client, they'll be able to choose what they think they want to rank for in two minutes flat. We, on the other hand, look at it more carefully.

Sure, there are the obvious keywords, but then there are always some that you mightn't have thought about, and of course, there are often many variations of similar phrases.

Having a fresh set of experienced eyes helps to uncover a lot - and we do all this (and more) during your Business Assessment workshop.

This is where iformat are in their element: working with you to understand your business and help define the right strategy. We'll drag it out of you if we have to!

Do not underestimate the power of good, professional web design.
Ensure you get the right website for your business.

iformat is a Melbourne-based SEO agency helping your business generate more awareness, leads and sales. We'll deliver real results and a tangible ROI - guaranteed.

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