Do not underestimate the power of good and professional web design. Ensure you get the right website for your business from a professional digital agency like Melbourne’s iformat.

What is web design?

In simple terms, web design encompasses several skills that all have the end goal of making your website look great!

Why is it important?

The vast majority of people judge a business's credibility or base a purchase decision on the way a website looks.

Why iformat web design?

Our web designers create custom designs tailored to meet the goals of your business and your online strategy – not just to simply look good.

Why is professional web design important for your business?

Your website is often the first touch point for your customers.

It's the introduction to your company, brand, and services. The importance of this cannot be underestimated. If you consider, like we do, your website as a 24/7 salesman - one that never sleeps and is always looking for and finding you new business - then the design of your website is absolutely crucial to projecting the right impression and creating credibility for your business.

Your web design is the number 1 credibility determining factor for your website.

Users make snap judgements. You can have great content that demonstrates expertise, but did you know:

"Researchers found that the brain makes decisions in just a 20th of a second of viewing a webpage."

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Top Ten reasons to ensure you have good quality web design

  1. Create credibility – in a snap!
  2. Create a consistent and credible brand
  3. Ensure easy customer recall
  4. Create return business
  5. Increase spontaneous sales and leads
  6. Look better than your competition
  7. Attract the right type of customer
  8. Detract the wrong customer!
  9. Get your message across in the best manner
  10. Sell your products and services in the best way

Top ten reasons to use a good web design company – like iformat!

  1. A good web design company understands your business and your goals first
  2. They do not build a site based on theory or what 'looks good'
  3. They build a site based on a solid foundation of research and understanding
  4. They base decisions on the right strategy for your business
  5. They design good content – they do not fit content into a design or a template
  6. They design a site based on a good understanding of your target market
  7. They understand your brand and how it needs to be presented to your clients
  8. They tailor a structure designed to sell your business and services in the best possible way
  9. They design your site responsively so it works on all devices like tablet and mobile
  10. They monitor the effectiveness of your website

Do not underestimate the power of good, professional web design.
Ensure you get the right website for your business.


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