What is automated marketing?

Think specificity: automated marketing is a specific subset of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that segments marketing campaigns to target high quality users with an existing interest. Basically, you’re giving the right information to the right people.

Why is it important?

Because sometimes, blasting one single message to your entire email database will fall on deaf ears. Targeted email campaigns can more efficiently grow revenue by turning visitors into leads, and leads into customers.

Why iformat?

iformat understands that not every user who browses your website makes an immediate purchase (although wouldn't that be great?!). Our thorough automated marketing strategy nurtures a prospect, sending timely reminders that instigate action (where action = sales!).

We understands your needs as well as your customers.

How does automated email marketing fit into your digital strategy?

Relevancy is a key aspect of email marketing. Broadcasting the same message to your entire email database – where content may resemble spam or mightn't hold a reader’s interest – will be ignored. Automated email marketing is a modern and advanced strategy that engages with clients with tailored and more personal communication.

Inaccurate or haphazard customer communication can often alienate a prospect, and will also be a time-waster.

How can automated marketing help?

Timely, relevant, helpful emails are more specific and therefore have a better chance of instigating some sort of action from the recipient.

Qualified leads – who have received targeted and useful email content – tend to reach the purchase stage of the buying cycle faster.

Automated marketing combines email marketing, landing pages, lead nurturing, and customer retention, resulting in a strategy that’s based on the actions of your prospects.

Benefits of marketing automation:

  1. Campaigns can be created in advance to save time
  2. Automatic segmentation divides your database into personalised groups
  3. Detailed reporting shows the essential data that will help you optimise future campaigns
  4. Build more detailed and more useful customer profiles (read more about digital body language here)
  5. Targeted communication results in nurtured leads who are more educated (and likely to buy more!)
  6. Sales cycles are often shortened due to more qualified and educated leads closing deals faster
  7. Personalisation means messages are more meaningful, more relevant, and more likely to instigate action

Marketing automation amplifies cross-channel communication and increases the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Automated marketing: a solution that delivers... with effort

If only automated marketing was a system or piece of software you bought that just did its thing, with minimal work from us...

Sadly, that’s too good to be true. Effective automated marketing requires a comprehensive strategy based around your current purchase cycle (the path visitors typically take as they evolve into leads and eventually customers). It is also a more effective solution for businesses with a solid flow of visitors or a large enough database of leads, from where they can begin the lead nurturing process.

It is not a quick-fire solution to achieve sales (but if that’s what you’re after, head on over here to read about our Pay Per Click strategy

You can read more about automated email marketing in our blog post.

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